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Slay the Motivation-Killing Creatures

There is no such thing as staying motivated. Motivation comes and goes and there isn’t too much we can do about it. However, we can make sure that the dips are short and shallow, and that we don’t wallow in the lack of motivation. When the dips do happen they may be caused by feelings of guilt that we aren’t living up to some monstrous standard.

The first step toward finding our motivation is to get rid of negative thoughts. It is hard to feel excited and energized when all you really feel is defeated. Many times the standard we are trying to master is just a mythical creature which needs to be slayed. So let’s look at some of these creatures which we can cut down before they get the better of us.

Mythical Creature #1 -  The Three-headed Control Chrimera

This creature sports three sets of glaring eyes. (1) Our culture, (2) yourself, and (3) family members around you. Everyone, including yourself, may think that you should be in control of your school, your children, your house, your emotions…the list is endless. That is a lot to live up to on a daily basis, week after week, month after month. Many young moms feel they are in control as they start kindergarten with their oldest, but when that myth is shattered it can be very upsetting. As Christians we know that we are not to think this way. Only God is in control. The sword that slays the dragon is submission. Every day. Every hour if needed. God is the only power in control, and until you step aside and hand Him the reins, your life is going to spiral out of control. “God is in control. I can in no way compare myself to God, I submit.”

Mythical Creature #2 – The Amazing Mythical SuperMom

Women’s Lib still lingers in the air. “I can bring home the bacon, Fry it up in a pan, and never, never let you forget you’re a man – I’m a woman.” Notice she doesn’t mention kids in any way whatsoever. So even the SuperWoman couldn’t do everything – she was a mythical creature to begin with.

Then there’s the Proverbs 31 Woman. She did it all, but I’m not so convinced that she is just one woman. And I know for sure that she did not do all those things at once. She wasn’t buying property, and weaving fine clothes, and raising her kids all at the same time. AND ever notice how many servants she had?

The better scripture to focus on is that there are seasons to life. Right now you are a mother and teacher, a supporter and a helpmate of your husband, and the keeper of your home. That is more than most of us can pull off. As your children mature start giving them household chores to do and then you might be able to add something else to your plate.

I don’t want to be the SuperMom our culture promotes. I want to be happy and healthy, living in an orderly home, giving my children a good education. SuperMom is not a thing, and if you set your goals too high you will fail.

Mythical Creature #3 – The Deceiving Leprechaun of Doubt

The Leprechaun is constantly telling you that you are ruining your kids. There is not a mother on the planet that hasn’t had this thought. I could write an entire book on all the reasons you are not ruining your kids – but my guess is – you could too. So when you have this thought take out your pot of gold and look long and hard into it. You are bringing up a generation of world changers. They are going to be different from all their peers in a very positive way. They will not be perfect. They will make mistakes. You are in no way going to ruin them.

The other falsehood screeched in your direction is “Everyone else does a better job than you.” Don’t believe it. We are all working to do better, but no one has it down pat. Remember you can’t do it all. No one is getting it done just right. It isn’t possible. You can always be improving, working, planning…Don’t settle for mediocre, but most of us are in the same boat, accomplishing some things well, and not getting other things done the way we wish, or not at all. Because of my position in the homeschool community, many of my peers put me on a pedestal. I wish they could see my house most days.

If God is in control of your homeschool, and you are following Him and His plan for your family. Then you are doing a DIFFERENT job than everyone else – your plan, not theirs.

Make one little change today - slay one of those creatures. Ask God for something to add or take away. Enjoy your homeschool day!

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