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The Woodcock-Johnson IV Academic Achievement Test offers a comprehensive evaluation of the student's academic abilities. Misty Spinelli has been administering the Woodcock-Johnson test for 17 years and has developed an ability to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the students and, many times, detect their learning style.

Misty gives 9 batteries of the Woodcock-Johnson. All those required to meet the state of North Carolina annual testing requirement and a few others which, together, give Misty and the parents a complete picture of the student's abilities and improvement.

It takes approximately 1.5 hours for the student to take the test. Immediately following the test Misty meets with the parents, gives them the complete scores and goes over the results, explaining all of the scores and delving into any areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Parents who want to discuss further the means to improve their child's abilities or challenge an advanced child choose to extend their consultation by a half hour to discuss teaching methods and curricula choices. 

Fluency Testing

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The Woodcock-Johnson


There are several tests available which will meet the North Carolina state requirement for annual testing for home schoolers, so why choose the Woodcock-Johnson test? 

The WJIV is administered by a professional in a quick and timely manner. Misty uses no timed portions of the test, so there is no stress related to speed or performance. Most other tests take several hours and are usually best done over a few days. Misty gives you immediate scoring and goes over the meaning of each grade equivalent, age equivalent, and percentile ranking score; other tests send results with little or no explanation weeks after testing.

We use the Woodcock-Johnson IV  Form A or Form B

  • 1.5 hours

  • Immediate test results

  • Professional feedback

  • One-on-one

  • Reading skills do not affect math scores

  • No stress from timed tests

  • Comfortable, distraction free environment

WJIV Works Best For:

  • Young students who are not reading or are weak readers

  • Students who excel beyond their grade in some areas

  • Students who panic when timed

  • Students who are being tested for the first time

  • Students with short attention spans

  • Students with learning disorders, dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, ADD

  • Advanced students

  • Students who do not normally score average in all subjects

Testing evaluation supplies
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Academic Areas 


At Growing Scholars we administer 9 batteries of the Woodcock-Johnson test which covers the following areas:

  • Math Calculation

  • Applied Math

  • Spelling

  • Word Identification

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Grammar

  • Social Studies

  • Science

  • Humanities



per student

Add Fluency in Math and Reading


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