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              Misty Spinelli began homeschooling in 2000. By the end of 2002 she was owner of Growing Scholars a homeschool retail store which helped homeschooling parents pick curricula and learn about teaching methods. Within a few years, Misty was speaking at homeschool conferences all over the US and had helped hundreds of families in their homeshool journey.

In 2006 Misty began administering the Woodcock-Johnson test to homeschoolers in the Charlotte area. Her knowledge of learning styles, teaching methods and her inexhaustible knowledge of curricula made her a favorite test administrator.

After many years, the Lord lead Misty and her husband Tony to close their stores and stop travelling to conferences in order to spend more time with their growing family of 6. So Growing Scholars and Misty's test administration moved to their home in the Northwest corner of Charlotte. From this location Misty has tested hundreds more students and consulted with dozens and dozens of parents.

In the basement of the Spinelli home, parents (and siblings) wait in a bright, fun waiting room filled with curricula for moms to look through and a play area for siblings. In the next room the student works one on one with Mrs. Spinelli in a spacious office used just for testing.

Growing scholars testing center play area and curriculum
Growing Scholars Educational Testing and Consultation

About Growing Scholars

Homeschool consultations without testing include advice on home school curriculum, teaching methods, and much more.

High school helps: course planning, transcript generation, and college preparation advice.

Growing Scholar's other WJ IV Test Administrator

Information about

and Misty Spinelli

Administration of nationally standardized tests for homeschool students.

Free consultation on test results.

Low priced curricula for sale and a "How to Get Started Homeschooling" CD

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