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Homeschool Consulting


Choosing curricula can be daunting, but Misty Spinelli has been giving advice and helping parents navigate the hundreds of choices for over 17 years. Her knowledge came from homeschooling her own 6 children for the last 20 years, studying education philosophies and methods for years, running 2 homeschool book stores for 7 years, and working with hundreds of homeschool parents and their children.


Test Consultation: Going over test results, day of test     FREE

Educational Consultation (Day of Test): Additional half hour with Misty, 45 minutes total              $25

One Hour Consultation: Discussion of any topic(s), about any number of kids, no testing of students needed     $50/hour

Getting Started

Misty has helped hundreds of parents get started on their homeschool journey. She helps them learn about educational philosophies, curricula, teaching methods, as well as, practical parenting and organization practices. 

Misty can aid you in navigating the hundreds of available curriculum choices, help pinpoint your best options, and give guidance to understanding how to implement them.

Misty can explain the law and how to comply. Help you set up schedules, procedures, pick a homeschool support group, and much more.​ One hour      $50

Can't get an hour consultation or live too far away? Order Misty's DVD on getting started called Homeschooling Answers

Get Started DVD           $14.95
(Call or email to order)
High School Helps

Homeschooling through high school has special considerations. Misty can guide you through the maze of what courses have to be taken, how to earn credits, how to take Driver's ed, how to create a transcript, prepare of college, and much more. High school consultations are one hour long.     $50/hour


GS Institute

The Growing Scholars Institute is for those who want continual professional assistance through high school. Services include:

  • Transcripts: maintained, designed and personalized to your student and their needs.

  • Beginning of the Year Curriculum Consultation (1 hour)

  • Midyear Consultation (1 hour)

  • Annual Test and End of Year Consultation

  • $250/year