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Homeschool Testing & Consulting

Great Help for

Beginning Homeschoolers

Just starting? I can test your child, help you determine their learning style and help you pick curricula. Also, watch my videos and read my blogs for lots of additional homeschooling helps.

Annual Testing for Homeschoolers

The state of North Carolina requires that all home-schoolers over the age of 7 take an annual academic nationally standardized test. Misty Spinelli has been administering the Woodcock-Johnson Academic Achievement test to homeschoolers in the greater Charlotte area for over thirteen years. Misty currently administers nine different batteries of the Woodcock-Johnson IV Academic Tests of Achievement.

Misty Spinelli homeschool mom and educational consultant
Educational advice and help homeschool consultation help getting started homeschooling
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Misty Spinelli is a homeschooling mother of 6 who has developed a passion to help other homeschooling mothers be the best educators they can be.

Picking curricula and teaching methods is confusing, but Misty's expert advice has helped hundreds of families begin or improve their home-school


New homeschoolers have lots of questions. Misty answers the most commonly asked questions in blog form, with new topics

covered every week.

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